Keeping Hope

As I wait to hear about my Mom and how her back surgery went, I reflect on the concept of hope.  There are many things that I hope for and in doing so, I am able to look at the positive aspects of life.  Hope is a way for me to anticipate and, in a world where everything seems to be done in seconds rather than hours or days, it is a dying concept.  I have seen people get impatient over their coffee heating up in the microwave, as if the 30 seconds that it takes is too long.  I have seen young drivers honking at elderly people crossing the street as if the 15 seconds they have to wait is to long.  These situations sadden me as I think to myself that we, as a nation or a global community, are becoming so impatient that basic niceties are becoming as obsolete as hand written letters and pay phones.

In the search for a job, I have found that I too am becoming impatient.  It is not just the idea that I have bills to pay and schedules to maintain, but also that I am not sure why I have to do things like submit resumes and dress up for interviews.  That sounds selfish, but in a world where almost everything is electronic, are paper resumes really necessary?  Do I need to present myself in my best clothes for a job that I have to wear a uniform? I suppose that basic rules are necessary to maintain a sense of continuity, but in all fairness, there are parts of the quicker paced lifestyle that I thoroughly enjoy and parts of the old fashioned lifestyle that I miss.  So, as I wait to post an update on Fac

Mom and Dad, December 2009

ebook about my Mom’s status, I will take the time to hand write a card to wish her a quick recovery.  Maybe it is the balance between the two worlds that will work for now or maybe right now that is just what will work for me; in either case, at least something is working while I wait for a job.


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