Stage Mom

For those parents who are looking to gain more information on what to know about Hollywood and how to gain entrance into the casting world, there is a wonderful site called Children In Film that has free webinars. The next one will be on May 19th and you can register for it on their website. The importance of attending information gatherings like this on the web are 1-it is free, 2-you can attend a live conference from your own computer, 3- questions regarding what you need to know to find a good casting director, and the important steps that should be followed from people who are actively in the business, are answered.

I have made many mistakes regarding my kids modeling career and the biggest is that I HAD to have the all important “professional head shot” to pass out to various modeling firms. The fact is, that is just not true. True agencies will not ask that it be professional for kids because although it is important to have a good photo, it is more important for the agencies to see the actual child, not a photo-shopped version of what that kid could look like. Remember, they want to be able to take what you give them and dress them up and use your child for THEIR vision. They do not want you coming to them with YOUR vision of what makes your kid look cute. For print modeling, this is especially true. I was once told that children are the blank canvas and the designers are the artists. A full face shot and a complete body (clothed of course) shot is important. Contact information is important. The child’s physical statistics are important. Make-up, props, group shots or obvious advertising for any one brand?? Not Important and in most cases, the comp shot will get thrown in the garbage.

I am glad that I go through this with my kids as it helps them to see at a young age the importance of scheduling, honor and responsibility. The fact that they earn their own money that is theirs to spend is a wonderful incentive for them as well. I look forward to seeing them on a front cover campaign or an international magazine one day, but in truth, that is gravy. The lessons they have learned over the course of various jobs is not something that can be replicated in a classroom setting. My wish is that it is taken from their youth and used well as they age. Only time will tell.


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