Naked–The juice, not people

When deciding how to improve one’s life, there are so many choices that it can make a person go crazy with opportunity. Health is important to everyone, so finding the right way to do what is necessary and incorporate it in such as way as to make it interesting has been a struggle that almost every adult has had to face. With the introduction of Naked, a juice started in California, the healthy way of living that is enjoyable just got better.

The absolute best part about these drinks is that they have appeal to everyone. For those that hate veggies, the mixture of Veggie Berry Machine combines the best flavor of the fruits with the excellent source of vitamins that come from the vegetables (, 2010). If a consumer wants something that is more filling, they have their choice of multiple different smoothies that have added protein whey to boost energy and give a feeling of being too full to eat. When drinking Naked for the first time, the impulse is to look at the ingredients list to see how they managed to make it so sweet without adding any extra sugar. Who knew that veggies and fruit could be so naturally sweet? Can anything this sweet actually be good for you?

I hate vegetables. I don’t mean that I just do not like them; I mean I actually excuse my self from the table for some reason known only to me (Sorry, I just have to get the pie out of the oven real quick) to get out of eating them. I have fed them to dogs, bribed my sister when we were smaller to eat my portion when my parents were not looking and have lied to my doctor to prevent her from telling me to eat my vegetables and it will help me feel better in many ways. I do not like almost every kind of vegetable out there.  I have, throughout my 42 years of life, have discovered 6 out of 1763 options of vegetables out there  I like.  And by like I mean that I will not fake an illness if I accidently ingest one.

I had a choice to make: tell my kids to eat their vegetable and then when it comes to putting them on my plate, run out of them, or find a new way of getting the vitamins in me that did not involve swallowing pills. Then, one day while shopping at my local Publix, I found Naked and my world has become a brighter place. For the first time in my life I have had carrot juice, which is saying something since I  used to work in a health food store while going to college.

The second day after discovering them, I went back to the store and bought one small container of each flavor they had, even one called Green Machine. I will not lie; I had no intention of trying that one. We go back into our car and my oldest child took Green Machine out of the bag, shook it and said, “OK Mom, you try it first.” I almost crashed the car. After making about 18 different excuses why I could not possibly try it right now, I took a deep breath, hoped that I could drink and then breathe through my mouth so I would not have to smell it, and took a sip. With my kids looking at me and laughing, waiting for me to spit it out, I took another sip, and then another. By the time we got home I told my family that we had found a new and improved way to eat veggies. I promptly called everyone who ever knew me and told them the miraculous news.

I have found that I have more energy and that my skin has improved. I do think that with some of the flavors it can be almost too sweet and not tart enough, like with any drink that has acai berry or pomegranate. Ultimately, the cost is cheaper to buy fruits and vegetables this way than to buy one at a time whole and cook it up. You get a much better vitamin and nutritional gain when you eat fruits and vegetables raw and it also fills me up. Many of my friends who have tried the protein smoothies can not get past the grainy feel of the whey protein, but every kid I have introduced it to has loved it and I, for once, can go to my doctor and not lie. Yes Doc, I have been eating my veggies and I feel good.


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