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I have been blessed with the ability to stay at home and educate my kids.  Some think I am crazy, other believe that I could not possibly offer as much as a traditional school can, while yet a different group applauds me and says that they wish they could do it as well.  In either event, I do home school my kids and I am thrilled to do it.

That being said, I do dread the moment that they realize they are smarter than me.   And it will happen.  You and I know that I am  not that smart on all things.  There are days that I need help remembering why I walked into a room, and I am going to be teaching and educating? 

Knowing that I will need help in certain subjects, I went ahead and started looking in advance.  I have found scads of websites, both free and pay-for sites, that are both outstanding and useless.  Trying to weed through and find the kind that work for my situation is time consuming and a little frustrating.  However, I have come across a fabulous website that is interactive and educational and actually fun.  It is called and I have been able to set up educational boards from various sites that I have found useful and keep them all in one place.  Check it out!

Lesson Plan – Create a Water Cycle | Learnist.

This is my first one and I have already devised a lesson plan for my oldest to make up some boards for certain subjects.  It has been loads of fun to do things that I normally wouldn’t do while bring a new way of learning to my kids.  Books can be SO boring to always teach from, so this has opened a new window of opportunity for us.

If you have a good site that you want to recommend to learning K-8th grade, please feel free to leave a comment here.  I keep looking for more and can honestly say, that through all my contact within Empire Avenue, I have found some truly outstanding sites. It has been great fun and the best part of it is, we are all learning together.

To check out Empire Avenue, go to this link:

God Bless and I will check in with you again soon.

Jessica Graefe Martinez


2 responses to “Lesson Plan – Create a Water Cycle | Learnist

  1. Hi,

    I think you have a very nice blog. As far as homeschooling, I take my hat off to you. I knew my kids were smarter than me when they were still very young.

    My last child was ADHD, and I would lose my patience even helping with homework. I had to have my daughter help him.

    I think it is marvelous that there are parents who enjoy doing this. I was never cut out for it. I couldn’t have been a teacher in public school either because patience was not a strong point for me. I admire all good teachers!


    • Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments! I will point out that there is nothing I do on my own. I have the help of family, friends and the internet to help me find new and interesting ways to keep them educated and entertained. God Bless ~ Jessica

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