Worlds of wonder ~ neatly organized.

1) I have to admit, I get addicted to new gizmos on the internet quite quickly.

2) There are talents that I do not possess but I see those same talents in others and it makes me wish for their ability.

You put those random sentences together and you get the reason why and are my favorite sites.  

These sites have, in my humble opinion, some of the most positive and inspiring posts on the internet today. I check in everyday and I see what is new and find out who likes the same things I do.  I also discover new and wacky things I had never even considered in the past and I am proud to be associated with these sites.   People have this need to share the beauty of the world and there is no greater way to do that than through photography.  Both Pinterest and LoveIt are picture based sites that you are able to customize into your personal walls of joy.

Bacon Roses from “All Things Bacon”

I started with with an invite from a friend of mine.  I puttered around and then started to really waste more time than I should have marveling at the fabulous photos that others put up of some of the most amazing things!  It spanned hundreds of years, all over the globe and with just about any topic that you could conceive.  It was marvelous.  I started out with just 4 boards of general ideas.  I am now up to 29 boards.  One of them is called All Things Bacon.  Another is just about barns.  I am working on one that is strictly about chocolate.  It is a wonderful way to find out about so many great sites, people, recipes and places.

Then, of course, the asshat lawyers got involved and started making a fuss about copyright infringement and so on and so forth.  That annoyed me. I felt that my little corner of internet joy just got groped, and not in a good way. Sort of like a teenager… by security… in an airport. Gross.

To some extent, I could slightly understand why those who take such wonderful photos would want credit, but on the other hand, if the photos are online to be seen, why can’t we spread the joy to others by pinning them to our boards?

This brought about the site  This site is almost exactly like Pinterest, however they are working on being different.  I was invited through my perks so it is still in its Beta phase. This is what the site states: logo squirrel

LoveIt is a visual, powerful platform for individuals & groups to discover, collect, organize and share the things they love.

  • Private & public collections
  • Powerful drag & drop organization tools
  • Follow feeds and sources, as well as people
  • Patent-pending image recommendation engine

I am hoping that with their image recommendation engine, maybe those people who have taken the photos will get there recognition. Whatever it takes to keep the lawyers out of it. I will keep you updated. As a point of reference, initially I did not give credit to those who took the pictures, but shortly after I, I realized that it wasn’t nice not to give props where they were due.  Now I try to make sure that credit for the pictures is given by either name or website where I found the photos.

Praying Mantis on a bike: by Eco Suparman.

Check them out.

Take a look and if you need an invite, let me know and I will send you one.  As for me, I belong to both and when I need a little happiness and wonder in my life, I log on and look at the beauty of the world.  God has given us such wonder as well as the gifted/talented people that bring it all to me.  I am able to smile, acquire some inner peace and most of all feel a small glimmer of hope.  Hope is a hard thing to find, but if you visit these sites, you will see it and it will make you slow down and start to dream a little.  Try it and tell me what you think.

Marble Caves of Patagonia, Chile. Taken by Noelegroj Photography

God Bless and until next time, I wish for you joy and the occasional piece of dark chocolate.

Jessica Graefe Martinez


2 responses to “Worlds of wonder ~ neatly organized.

  1. Hi Jessica,

    This is a very informative post about Pinterest and Loveit sites. I must say that I got caught up in the legal thing about pictures and have stayed away. I did join Loveit, but haven’t taken advantage of it yet. I guess I will have to check them out.

    There are just so many things to take one’s time away from blogging and writing. However, having a presence on the net is very important. thank you for a great post! Sally

    • Thank you so much Sally! I love these sites and I have found that keeping things visual keeps my interest as I read so much during the day. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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