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Since starting my business, one thing I am always looking for are new and inexpensive ways in which to advertise myself while also cross-promoting others.  I am a firm believer in Pay It Forward, so if there is ever a time that I am unable to do something for a client, but I know someone else and I trust them to do the job, I put their name up as an alternative.  I have had a lot of positive feedback from the clients as well as building strong ties to other businesses that return the favor.

One of the places I advertise through is a site called  This is a wonderful site!  If you are looking for a dog walker or pet sitter, you sign up, give the zip code you are in and start searching for pet sitters. You list what it is you want, hours, days, and any other information you feel is relevant to the job. Those of us who ARE pet sitters get notified that you are looking for a quote.  We look at the information you provide and where you are located and submit quotes directly to you.  We never see other quotes and we are contacted by you if you decide to work with us.

The vast array of people who are available for you to hire is amazing.  Need a DJ?  How about a wedding planner?  Catering, makeup artist, magician, face painting, event photographer…even pet sitter. As of 2012, there were over 260,000 service professional in the US that were listed with   And, the best part is there are never fees for the consumer.  As a service professional, I am charged per quote, so I make sure that what I am submitting for prices are the best offer I can make for a job that I want to take.

The reviews that we get from the clients mean a lot to us.  According to the site: Thumbtack works to ensure its reviews are from real clients who have hired its service professionals. Some reviews are collected and verified by Thumbtack’s team by phone. Thumbtack does not receive any advertising money from service professionals, so we have no conflicts of interest.  

So not only do you get a chance to have service professionals submit quotes to you on jobs that you want done, you also get to review them based on references of previous clients.  Overall, it is a win-win.  Check out and let me know how you did with the service professional that you hired.  And if you are on the Treasure Coast in FL and are in need of a pet sitter or dog walker, give me a chance to submit my quote to you 🙂

Until next time ~ God Bless,

Jessica Martinez


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